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Andros Trophy

The Andros Trophy Series is the world's premier ice racing series. The series features bikes, cars, and – beginning in 2020 – electric vehicles on courses in the French and Andorran Alps.

The current series:

Elite Pro class

This is the initial and highest level, with the most well-known names participating in the races.


Elite Class

This class (formerly known as Promotion) was established in 1994 to encourage smaller teams to participate in the Trophée Andros. There are three requirements to compete in this class: drivers must not have finished in the top 20 in the general classification, must never have competed in the Elite Pro Class, and must not be professional drivers.



After an idea from Mamers and Claude Michy, the Andros Trophy motorcycle races debuted at the 1996 championship final at Super Besse. In the 1997/98 season, it became a series featuring a race at each round.

Trophée Andros Féminin - Sprint Cars

This series, which debuted in 2002, blended two genres. A female driver and an experienced driver who served as the female driver's instructor shared a 600cc 6-speed buggy-styled automobile. Each weekend they attended, they raced in two different races. Since 2011, the Féminin trophy has been retired, with some female drivers from the series migrating to other trophée categories such as the main series and electric cars.

The Andros Trophy (e-Trophée Andros) will be 100 percent electric for the 34th edition and for the fourth time in its history, with all races consisting of electric 4-wheel drive and steering silhouette cars. Among the many benefits of this adjustment are the glide and more precise steering provided by the driver's two hands remaining on the steering wheel, allowing him to regulate the engine torque better and obtain full power more quickly. As in previous years, various celebrities will compete in the Andros Trophy, and the numerous races on the car and motorcycle program will provide an equally magnificent display.

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