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After the National Hot Rod Association, the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) is the second-largest drag racing sanctioning body (NHRA).

After quitting the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and then the American Hot Rod Association, Larry Carrier created the IHRA in 1971. (AHRA).


The International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) is celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021.


IRG Sports + EntertainmentTM, a TPG Specialty Lending firm, is the owner and operator of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA). 

IRG resurrected the IHRA by concentrating on its key competency—collaborating with member tracks. Specializing in sportsman racing, where everyday people race their street cars before constructing 10-second Camaros, IRG provides room for track owners and racers who want to partake in value-driven initiatives and participate in this IHRA drag race sport at a reasonable cost. The local tracks required someone to create some appealing programs for their racers.


The IHRA supports amateur and professional IHRA drag racing for drivers of all skill levels. Nearly 100 motorsports sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Bahamas are sanctioned by the IHRA, which also hosts 80,000 racers annually. The Summit Sportsman National Championship and the Summit Racing Equipment SuperSeries are only two of the multiple sportsman racing events that the IHRA regulates.


The IHRA Summit Sportsman National Championship is a new national championship format for sportsman-class racers that is determined by the best seven of the first ten events in which a driver competes. Racers earn points based on a national points system and can race at any event they want, regardless of regional boundaries.


Following the split from the Australian National Drag Racing Association, the IHRA also added three Australian tracks in 2015. Perth Motorplex, Willowbank Raceway, and Sydney Dragway joined as a part of the IHRA-sanctioned 400 Thunder series. Springmount Raceway in Cairns joined the IHRA drag race a few months later.


IHRA Australia recently revealed that a new sportsman class, PRO X695, will be introduced. This class is a stepping stone to the professional divisions and fits with the future of drag racing in Australia.


It only gets as simple as Pro Tree, Heads-up racing with a 6.95 second 1/4 mile index. Utilizing OEM or aftermarket bodywork, an IHRA-compliant roll cage, and any engine combination to service sedans, coupes, and utility vehicles (i.e., naturally aspirated, supercharged, turbocharged, and nitrous oxide injection).


It will be included as an exhibition category for the track state championship series and the 400 Thunder Series beginning in the first few months of 2021-2023.

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