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Sprint car racing is a form of motorsport in which high-powered compact automobiles compete head-to-head. The sport is popular in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and particularly the United States, where some drivers use it as a stepping stone to NASCAR and IndyCar racing. All races are held on oval circuits that are usually shorter and have a paved or dirt surface.


Sprint cars are open-wheel race cars with very high power-to-weight ratios. With weights of around 1,400 pounds (640 kg) (including the driver) and power outputs of over 900 horsepower (670 kW), sprint cars have a power-to-weight ratio that exceeds that of modern F1 vehicles. They're usually driven by a naturally aspirated, methanol-injected overhead valve V8 engine with a displacement of 410 cubic inches (6.7L) and a top speed of 9000 rpm. These cars may reach over 160 miles per hour (260 km/h) depending on the technical setup (engine, gearing, shocks, etc.) and track layout.


There are two types of sprint cars used for racing: winged and non-winged, which refers to whether or not the cars are outfitted with wings. Winged cars are more prevalent in the racing leagues. Another category of small sprint cars, known as the   Micro sprint cars, is also used for racing.

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