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Formula E Racing News & Analysis

Formula E Latest News, Informations, Stats & Analysis

Advancing the motorsports testing laboratory, we highlight and expose the world of Formula e racing from city-center circuits worldwide including the tight and twisty London ExCel arena. With all-electric single-seater race cars competing on city streets, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship represents the culmination of electric motorsport. Since its start, it has been the first and only sport to be certified net-zero carbon.

In Formula E, fans may boost their favorite driver's chances by voting for them before and during the first six minutes of the race.

The FAN BOOST is a fan vote for their favorite driver that offers them more power for up to five seconds after the halfway point of the race to defend the position or keep the pace on the circuit.

The five winning drivers will receive an additional 100kJ of energy in the second half of the race, to be used in a 240kW to 250kW power window. From the race track to the consumer!!!

Latest Information In Formula E

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