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SCORE International is an off-road sanctioning body in the sport of desert racing and is famous for its flagship event, the Baja 1000. SCORE races are held in the United States and Mexico. It was Founded by Mickey Thompson in 1973. Roger Norman acquired ownership of the world-renown SCORE International on Dec. 20, 2012, from Sal Fish, 73, the iconic godfather of desert racing who previously ran SCORE for 39 years. 


Race Format

Vehicles are released from the starting line one by one, with a 60-second gap between Trophy Trucks and Class 1 racers and a 30-second break between all other classes.


Motorcycles and quad bikes compete in Baja events, which begin at 5:15 a.m. and end at 6 a.m. Five hours later, at roughly 11 a.m., four-wheel vehicles are released. The race results are calculated by calculating each vehicle's finish time. A vehicle's finish time may include time for penalties such as speeding. GPS tracking devices are employed to enforce speed limits and penalties on federal highways, particularly in congested regions.


The winner of each class (assuming a vehicle in that class finishes) and an overall winner across all classes, overall four-wheel, and overall motorcycle/ATV are all given awards.


Points are awarded based on where you finish in your class. The vehicle number will terminate in two zeros "00" the next race season to designate the class champion. For example, the Class 1 champion's car number is 100, whereas the Trophy Truck champion's vehicle number is 1.

Except when preferred starts are granted to those who finished first in the previous race/season, or when qualifying is done, a random draw typically chooses the starting order.


Vehicle numbers have been issued to each driver permanently since Roger Norman purchased SCORE in 2012. Numbers 1–9 are reserved for the previous year's driver standings in those spots, while numbers 10–99 are up for grabs. Drivers who utilized a number in the last season will be given priority for the same number this season.


Any racer who finishes a race on their own receives a commemorative ribbon. SCORE International has 1a "Ironman" class for racers who complete a race without changing drivers. Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, a Baja legend, was the first to accomplish this feat in 1975, winning his maiden Baja 500 before winning the 1976 Baja 1000 in this style.


In rural locations, the course topography is primarily off-road, while highway stretches are used when an alternate off-road route is unavailable. Some classes, such as Moto, Quad, and Class 11, take alternate routes that avoid particular areas.


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