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SCCA Transam News, Updates & Expert Analysis

The Trans Am Series billed as the Trans American Sedan Championship, staged its inaugural race at Florida's Sebring International Raceway on March 25, 1966. It is sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America Pro Racing and is one of North America's longest-running professional road racing series (SCCA Pro ). 


Over the years, the Trans Am Series has gone by a number of different names, some associated with sponsors and others not. Its original configuration as a Manufacturers' Championship series for modified passenger sedans and Coupés has changed through time to become the Drivers' / Manufacturers' Championship Series, which is open to GT-style racecars. Since the 1972 season, champion drivers have had official recognition, and Drivers' Championship(s) have been given out.


The Trans Am Series has featured some of the biggest names in motorsports over the years. Under the Trans Am banner, champions with the names Tommy Kendall, Mark Donohue, Peter Gregg, Bob Tullius, and Wally Dallenbach Jr. have all amassed numerous titles. Trans Am is in a position to propel towards the future rather than cling to the past, and four unique classes—TA, XGT, TA2TM, SGT, and GT—take center stage.


The Series is based in the US and takes place on a number of tracks there, including many of the most well-known road courses and street circuits in the nation. TA1 and TA2 are the two main series that makeup Trans-Am. The Trans Am series is now supported by timely, useful, and functional racing platforms that spotlight driver potential and foster natural series expansion. Transam race, One of the most well-known road racing championships in the United States, which has roots in both motorsport and popular culture, will continue to have Pirelli as its presenting sponsor and official tire supplier.



Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros, and other pony cars competed in the Trans Am series more than 50 years ago on road courses or congested street courses like those in St. Petersburg.


On March 25, 1966, the first Trans Am race took place at Sebring. Trans Am cars were driven on the track in that first year by drivers including Jochen Rindt, Bob Tullius, A.J. Foyt, Richard Petty, Jerry Titus, and Jacky Ickx. The next year, Mark Donohue joined the Series and brought home three championships along with 29 victories for team owner Roger Penske.

However, the Trans Am series of the SCCA is the one that has gained popularity among Americans. Not the Trans Am of today, but the Trans Am of the years 1966 through 1971, when American pony cars powered by American V-8 engines roared in great battles. The Series established Parnelli Jones as the toughest driver, Roger Penske as the most prosperous racing team owner ever, and made Mark Donohue a legend. The Camaro Z/28, Mustang Boss 302, Challenger T/A, AAR' Cuda, and Firebird Trans Am are all products of this legendary racing series.

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