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USAC Racing

The United States Auto Club, or USAC, is a motorsport sanctioning body that governs various racing series in the United States. Founded in 1955, USAC is one of American motorsports' oldest and most respected organizations. It boasts a rich history that spans more than six decades.

USAC races feature a diverse range of cars, including midgets, sprints, and Silver Crown cars, as well as classic stock cars and modified cars. These races take place on various track types, from short ovals to high-banked super-speedways, and attract some of the most talented drivers in the country.

One of the most iconic and popular USAC racing series is the USAC National Midget Series. This series features small, lightweight race cars designed for agility and speed. Midgets are known for their close, exciting racing, with drivers often competing just inches apart at high speeds. The engines of these cars typically produce around 400 horsepower.

Another popular USAC racing series is the USAC Silver Crown Series, which features powerful, open-wheel race cars that are capable of reaching speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. These cars are designed for high-speed oval racing and are often used in the Indianapolis 500 and other prestigious events.

USAC Sprint Car racing is one of another exciting and popular USAC races featuring powerful, high-speed race cars designed for short-track oval racing. Sprint cars have a unique design. They have a large wing mounted on the car's roof, which helps generate downforce and improve cornering speeds.

In addition to these major USAC racing series, the organization also conducts various other racing events, including stock car and modified races, road course events, and other specialty races.

USAC races have a long and proud history in American motorsports, with many legendary drivers and teams competing in its races. Drivers like Mario Andretti, A.J. Foyt, Tony Stewart, and Jeff Gordon have competed in USAC races at various points in their careers, helping cement the organization's place in the annals of American racing history.

Today, USAC continues to be one of the most critical and influential motorsport organizations in the United States, committed to promoting fair and exciting racing across all of its series. Whether you're a seasoned racing fan or a newcomer to the sport, USAC racing offers some of the most thrilling and exciting action you'll find anywhere in motorsports. With its diverse range of cars and tracks and its rich history and legacy, USAC racing is a true American institution that continues to inspire and captivate fans of all ages.

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