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The World Superbike Championship, also known as WorldSBK or WSBK, was established in 1988 as a silhouette road racing series based on heavily modified production sports motorcycles. The championship takes place on a series of rounds held on permanent racing facilities, with each round featuring two full-length races and an additional ten-lap sprint race known as the Superpole race since 2019. The results of all three races are combined to determine two annual World Championships: one for riders and one for manufacturers. The championship is regulated by the FIM, the international governing body of motorcycle racing, and as of 2013, it is organized by Dorna. 

The World Superbike Championship allowed modified versions of road bikes to participate in the race. Initially, 1,000 cc V-twin engines dominated the race, but later 750 cc four-cylinder engines began to gain ground. After the end of the Formula TT in 1989, which was the official motorcycle World Cup, it was decided to end it and continue with the World Superbike Championship. 

From 1993 to 1999, Carl Fogarty and Ducati had a dominant run, with Fogarty winning the title four times and being runner-up twice on factory Ducatis. Troy Corser also won the 1996 title and finished as runner-up in 1995, both times on a Ducati. 

During the Race weekends, on Sunday, the World Superbike Championship holds its final race, Race 2. The grid positions for this race are determined by the finishing positions of the Superpole Race and the first race of the weekend. The race consists of two full-length races, each typically lasting around 45 minutes, and the results of both races are combined to determine the overall winner of the round. Riders must navigate the circuit, reaching speeds of up to 200mph, and overtake their competitors to gain the advantage needed to take the checkered flag. The championship is fiercely contested, with riders and teams working tirelessly to gain an edge over their rivals and emerge victorious.

The World Superbike Championship employs a points system that awards the top 15 finishers in each race, with 25 points for the winner, 20 for second place, and so on, down to 1 point for 15th place. In addition, a Superpole race is held on Sunday, in which the top 9 finishers are awarded points on a separate scale, with 12 points for the winner down to 1 point for 9th place. In the Manufacturers' Championship, only the highest-finishing motorcycle by a particular manufacturer is awarded points for that position.

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