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The WTCR - FIA World Touring Car Cup is a thrilling motorsport competition with a worldwide following. The series is open to teams and drivers worldwide, with racers competing in equal-performance turbocharged TCR cars. This means the emphasis is on the driver's skills and strategy rather than the car's power.


The FIA World Touring Car Championship and the TCR International Series merged to form the series, which debuted in 2018. The WTCR - FIA World Touring Car Cup format was retained in the new series, which was designed to keep costs low and level the playing field for all competitors. Discovery Sports Events organizes the series, with the FIA governing the rules and technical specifications.


Some of the world's best touring car drivers compete in turbocharged TCR cars from top manufacturers such as Audi, CUPRA, Honda, Hyundai, and Lynk & Co. in the WTCR - FIA World Touring Car Cup. The cars have a maximum power output of 360bhp and a top speed of 260kph. All cars are equipped with the same Goodyear tires, and Balance of Performance (BoP) ensures that each car is competitive.


The series includes events on multiple continents, focusing on key European and Asian markets. Each season features races at the world's most iconic circuits, including Germany's Nürburgring Nordschleife, Japan's Suzuka Circuit, and Macau's Circuito da Guia.


At the end of each season, the FIA awards titles to both the Drivers' and Teams' Champions. In addition, depending on the number of entries in those categories, FIA titles for Junior Driver and Female Driver are awarded. Other awards in the series include the TAG Heuer Best Lap Trophy, which is given to the driver who sets the fastest lap in each race.


The WTCR - FIA World Touring Car Cup is known for its close racing, which includes a lot of overtaking, slipstreaming, and door-to-door action. The series is also popular among fans due to its ease of access. TCR regulations keep costs low, allowing teams and drivers from diverse backgrounds to compete. The series also provides a platform for aspiring drivers to demonstrate their abilities and potentially secure a career in motorsport.


In addition to the on-track action, the WTCR - FIA World Touring Car Cup includes various off-track activities for fans, such as autograph sessions, pitlane walks, and driver meet-and-greets. The series's strong social media presence allows fans to follow the action and interact with the drivers and teams online.

The WTCR - FIA World Touring Car Cup is a thrilling and intensely competitive motorsport series featuring some of the world's best touring car drivers. The TCR format and BoP and spec tires ensure close and exciting racing. At the same time, the series' accessibility and affordability make it a popular choice for teams and drivers from various backgrounds. With events on multiple continents and a large fan base, the WTCR - FIA World Touring Car Cup is a must-see for any motorsport fan.

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