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How to get a Job in motorsports?

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

It takes an aficionado, somewhat a fanatic, to seek motorsport & automotive jobs. How often have you been dissuaded and prodded to change the proverbial track just at the mere mention of your interest in the industry? From being called a total waste of time to being highly competitive to not having enough jobs available to the shortage of qualifications or experience: too much has been said, and too little has been understood of the scope of employment the industry offers.

Nothing comes second to the thrill of watching motorsports. The world of motor racing is exciting, unique, and connects millions worldwide; however, these characteristics frequently lead people to believe that the industry is only accessible to a small number of highly skilled, fortunate individuals. Contrary to popular belief, motorsport is a massive industry with ample motorsport career opportunities, and working for it is literally addictive and animating.

The types of employers in the industry are also numerous. Motorsport is a significant business involving manufacturers, component suppliers, teams, and specialized agencies. More than just a racing series, the world of motorsport serves as a testing ground for new technology and is constantly evolving. Therefore, getting a job in the motorsports industry is not as difficult as many people think; often, all you need is some insider knowledge to give you an advantage. Motorsport career opportunities appear to grow steadily, and there are undoubtedly more "high-tech" jobs now than ever before.

In this highly competitive world of motorsports, the sight is always set towards the future with constant technological innovation bringing in newer opportunities at every turn. The best part is that it is open to anybody who wishes to enter. It is undeniable that the motor racing industry begins to scout drivers when they are very young, developing their careers by competing throughout their younger days. But you do have the choice of opting for a profession that suits you no matter your age, gender, background, or experience. Whether in engineering, design, testing, or even aerodynamics, the market will always be looking for ambitious individuals who can withstand its challenges and demands.

Taking on somewhat different responsibilities in motorsports than the ones you had anticipated as "dream motorsports jobs" could lead to enormous career fulfillment. This is one industry where you are not limited by your existing skillset and can continue to develop over time. Along the path, you will discover a variety of unique options that can steer your career in a slightly different way. Through working in motorsports, you can pick up knowledge and experience, and you can work toward progressively landing your desired job. Unless you allow them to be, your abilities don't have to be a barrier to the industry.

Jobs in Motorsports

Motorsport organizations offer various opportunities not limited to being in the driver's seat or the pit lanes. Right from business roles that involve corporate partnerships, merchandise managing, and finance allocation to specialized technical roles that lead to those microseconds victories like applying simulation and data analytics, engineering focused on innovations, and automotive design; they are all vestiges of the greater scheme of things we call motorsports. Racing jobs in motorsports continue to rely heavily on professions like marketing, communications, design, and branding. There is also room for various motorsport jobs, from logistics to on-the-ground event management. Though having the right qualifications matters, it is no secret that skills are transferable, and everybody has a chance to grow in this industry.

Here is a list of qualifications to jumpstart your motor sport career.

Automotive engineering

Race day perfection for cars calls for brilliant minds that can develop, produce, and assemble them. In some colleges, you can even choose to specialize in automotive engineering. You will be miles ahead of everyone else if you have a degree that enables you to design a single-seater race car from the ground up. The focus on motorsport often entails additional modules, such as high-performance engine design, design engineer job, and the aerodynamics of high-speed vehicles, in addition to the core requirements of general motorsports engineer jobs.

Mechanical Engineering

A significant portion of race engineers in motorsports have mechanical engineering degrees. Here, it is crucial to emphasize that topics like mathematics and physics, as well as anything practical with a technological focus, are essential. Experience is valuable, and if it has been honed on the tracks, all the better. Paid or unpaid, it doesn't matter; everything counts.

Business & Marketing

Motorsport marketing keeps us all informed of events before and after races, motivates fans to support specific teams, and greases the financial wheels of the sport. Someone needs to land rich deals to fund teams and their superstar drivers. Marketing is responsible for almost everything, including branding, sponsorship, to hospitality. The idea is to maintain good ties with sponsors. Sponsors are a vital source of funding and technology for teams. A Motorsport Marketing Executive's job path entirely depends on them and their level of ambition. Motorsports marketing can serve as a launching pad for various specialized marketing vocations, including communications, social media, affiliate, and marketing managers.

Sports science and psychology

There is more to motorsports than race track jobs. Performance coaches, who go beyond merely being fitness instructors, consider every aspect of an athlete's wellness to help them stay on track and keep winning. Drivers need sports performance coaches to keep them in condition emotionally and physically due to the high pace and pressures of the sport. You can arm yourself with the skills for optimal athletic coaching by taking sports performance and psychology courses.

Tips to get a job in motorsports

Here are the steps you should take to begin your motorsports jobs search if you have the qualifications, endurance, and skills to work in the motorsport industry.

1. Race team websites and social media channels

If you want to work for a racing team, you should visit their websites, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts frequently because that is where they post job openings first. It's also good to keep an eye on their website and other social media platforms for best career opportunities.

2. Specialized recruitment agencies

Several motorsport organizations use specialized agencies for hiring. If a suitable position becomes available, you will have the best chance of being found by recruiters if you register with these agencies and internet platforms.

A technical consultant will also have networks and long-standing ties with many of the hiring managers in the business and can provide clear and realistic market analysis and intelligence. It implies that a recruiting consultancy is aware of the specific qualifications and industry experience the client would need, even without an open position.

3. Motorsport jobs fair

Like any other job fair, a motorsports job fair will offer a host of career options, including ones in design, events, business development, marketing, and sales. Job seekers can interact directly with recruiters from auto manufacturers, racing teams, and small SMEs in the supply chain at free events devoted to the motorsports industry. Additionally, it's a terrific method to get to know the corporate cultures and meet potential employers.

4. Volunteer

Most motorsports organizations place great weight on hiring employees with real-world experience instead of just academic knowledge. Therefore, gaining direct "real world" experience will truly help you stand out from the competition, whether through a part-time, holiday, paid, or volunteer employment. Start with local lower level/ divisions and sanctioning bodies of motorsports, then updating your CV and cover letter. Send it to a few carefully chosen organizations in the motorsports sector you want to work in. Get as much "hands-on" experience as possible, and you'll be in a great position to show extra skills at your job interview.

So, it is needless to say that you can get a tremendous amount of exposure in motorsports. Top-level motorsport series compete all over the world. The variety of people, locations, and cultures a motorsports professional encounters is astounding. You can gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from interacting with the diverse range of people working in the paddocks of the many top-level racing series. Long nights, early mornings, and no excuses are all part of working in the motorsports industry. There is no disputing that the work culture in the motorsports business may be demanding and hectic, so those with resilience are preferred. The sector needs people who can persevere and be adaptable in challenging or stressful circumstances. So, if you possess these qualities and are passionate about having a motorsports career, you are right to take the plunge. For more updates on motorsport job openings and career choices, keep visiting

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