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Top 10 Famous Car Races In World

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Motorsports is the sport used to advance technology in the world of automotive acceptance that rose to prominence in the twentieth century. Every Famous Car racing has a fascinating history, with many notable races bearing the test of time. Some of them have continued even today, while others have faded due to a lack of technological advancements or popularity. Here are some of the historic car races that have left an indelible mark on history and become the famous top races worldwide. These are the list of famous car races that everyone loves to watch.

1. Indianapolis 500

Famous Car Races In World

The Indianapolis 500 is unlike any other race in the United States. It is an annual automobile race held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana, United States. It is a famous car race where drivers compete in a 500-mile race around a 2.5-mile circuit. They may reach up to 230 miles per hour, making it a dangerous track to race. The track is known as the brickyard because it was initially paved with bricks in 1909, and a yard of the original brick can be seen at the race's start. It has a long history of significance, the winner's visage is immortalized on the trophy, and it is regarded as one of auto racing's crown jewels around the world. It is considered one of the world's top three races, becoming a part of the Triple Crown.

2. 24 Hours of Le Mans

Best Motorsport Races

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the oldest and most famous endurance car race in the world, started in 1923 near Arnage, France. The race has been held every year since, except for the war years and 1936 when there was a strike. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is an amazing endurance sport in which racers compete for a full 24 hours on a 2.5-mile track. The car that travels the longest distance in the 24 hours wins the race. The race takes place on the Circuit de la Sarthe, which consists of closed public roads and racetracks. It is named after the French city of Le Mans, where it is held. In 2010, the longest distance traveled was 5,410 kilometers. Drivers often drive for two hours before a relief driver takes over so they can relax and eat.

3. Daytona 500

The most famous first NASCAR race of the year is Daytona 500. It was held for the first time in 1959, along with the speedway's opening. It has been the Cup series' first race of the season since 1982, where drivers cover an average distance of 500 miles in 3.5 hours. The course is 2.5 miles long, with cars completing 400 laps around it. It has only been curtailed four times due to rain and once due to an energy crisis.

4. Dakar Rally

Great Prestigious Races

The Dakar Rally is an off-road endurance race that uses off-road vehicles while racing. The first season of the race took place in 1978 and ran from Paris, France, to Dakar, Senegal. Since 2009, the races have been hosted in South America because of security concerns. It is an exciting race that takes place in deserts all around the world, but it's only been conducted in Saudi Arabia since 2020. Since its commencement in 1978, the race has claimed the lives of 28 runners. It costs $75000 to enter the race. It's an off-road endurance race available to anyone with the courage to participate. To enter the race, the participant must be 18 years old and have sufficient finances. A total of 5 vehicles compete in the event: quads, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and UTVs. Each round varies in length from minor distances to 900 kilometers (560 miles) every day.

5. Monaco Grand Prix

Best Auto Races In World

The Monaco Grand Prix is a Formula One famous car racing event conducted every year in late May or early June on the Circuit de Monaco. In 1929, the first race was run by Anthony Noghes and the Automobile Club de Monaco around the streets of Monte Carlo. The layout of the Circuit de Monaco is the same today as it was back then. The event was added to the Formula One World Championship in 1950. Monaco is one of the longest Formula One races in terms of duration, and it can go the full two-hour time limit because of bad weather conditions. The limited racing area makes it nearly impossible to overtake another car. Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna won the event six times in a row from 1989 to 1993. He was able to finish on the podium eight times out of ten starts. Michael Schumacher holds the record for the quickest lap.

6. Pikes Peak Hill Climb

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, often known as the Race to the Clouds, is a famous automotive competition held in Colorado. The circuit is 12.4 miles long and features over 150 bends and climbs with an average slope of more than 7%. The race began in 1916 and now includes a variety of divisions for automobiles, trucks, quads, and motorbikes. New classes are recognized and deleted every year. A total of 130 racers compete in the event.

7. Bathurst 1000

Famous Rally Car Races

The Bathurst 1000 is a 1,000-kilometer touring car race that began in 1960. This race is organized every year at Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, New South Wales, in Australia. This race was so popular in Australia that every car manufacturer started participating in the event by the mid-1960s. The race provided a platform for manufacturers to display their cars and build their brand image. Peter Brock, nicknamed "King of the Mountain," has nine victories at Bathurst1000, the highest among other drivers.

8. Rally Finland

Popular Motorsport Races

Rally Finland is a rally competition held in Central Finland's Finnish Lakeland. It is known as the "Grand Prix of Rallying" and the "Grand Prix on Gravel" because it is the quickest race in the World Rally Championship. The rally occurs on wide, flat gravel roads with blind crests and large jumps. Rally Finland is one of the Nordic countries' most well-attended yearly public events, with hundreds of thousands of spectators each year.

9. Monte Carlo Rally

Best Motor Races

The Monte Carlo rally was first held in the early 1900s but became popular during the early 1950s. The race had grown into one of Europe's largest rallies at the time, with the results contributing to the European Grand Tourism Championship. In 1973, this became the World Rally Championship. In the 1960s, professional racing companies started taking an interest in this racing. The sport was not known for its speed; its original goal was to test mechanical and human consistency and endurance.

10. Formula One

Best Formula One Races

Formula One, the world's most popular type of motorsport, is not as popular in the United States; it has been held at several venues in the country, including Sebring, Riverside, Watkins Glen, Phoenix, Long Beach, and the Indianapolis Grand Prix. Its’ return to the United States was held in November 2012 in Austin, Texas, at Circuit of the Americas, a new circuit that hosts MotoGP and the NASCAR Cup series simultaneously. The Grand Prix of America, a second race, was scheduled to take place in Weehawken, New Jersey, with a view of the New York City skyline. The race was supposed to take place in 2013; however, it was postponed, and the idea was scrapped. It is probably one of the most popular sports in the world, with Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Lando Norris as the current top competitors to watch nowadays.

These races have emerged as some of the biggest car races in the world and have earned immense fame and popularity. With different formats being run at various races around the globe, there is no shortage of thrill and excitement that these world-famous races have to offer. There's more spark added to these events with the introduction of EV racing. With Formula-E grabbing many eyeballs since its inception in 2012, it has grown to become the highest class of competition for single-seater electric racing cars. Because it is environmentally friendly and endorses the concept of sustainability, the future of EV car racing seems to be the shining North star in the world of car racing. There is much more to be seen in the racetracks in the future, and it's not too early to say that " the future of car racing is electric."

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