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Xtreme Motorsports

"LOVE NATURE IN ORDER TO SURVIVE." It is not an old proverb but explains the significance of mother nature. To thrive, we must nurture and preserve Nature. With the global climate crisis becoming a harsh reality that we must face, it becomes imperative that we strive to protect our environment from the destructive acts that humankind is capable of. One of the steps in this path is the inclusion of extreme racing series. Our ecology is negatively impacted by the greenhouse gas emissions from internal combustion engines. The introduction of electric racing cars has been successful to this end. It makes an effort to reiterate the idea that the world's pursuit of carbon-neutral goals will depend heavily on our transition to electric vehicles. Extreme E is the newest type of green racing in motorsport that uses electric batteries instead of combustion engines. Xtreme motorsport was initially conceptualized in 2018 by Gil de Ferran, a two-time Champ Car (now Indy Car) champion, and Alejandro Agag, a co-founder of Formula E, and it has the support of the FIA, the world regulatory body of motorsport.

Xtreme Motorsports Racing


The extreme e- racing series is an all-electric off-road competition that takes place in far-flung locales of the globe. It delivers electric racing to some of the world's most isolated places, including ocean islands, deserts, frigid Arctic regions, high elevations, and rainforests. In the Xtreme race, drivers compete in extreme environments like the Arctic or the deserts of Saudi Arabia. All race venues are selected to promote awareness of specific aspects of climate change. Extreme E runs a "Legacy Programme" to provide social and environmental support for these venues.


Xtreme Powersports

The series does not have in-person spectators as they are prohibited in these races to lessen the sport's carbon footprint. Instead, the races are broadcasted and highlighted on social media. Cars and equipment are transported between races on a specially modified ship to minimize flights and other means of transportation. St Helena, an old Royal Mail delivery ship that has been turned into a floating garage and research facility, transports the cars that are used in Extreme E racing from country to country. A focused research team will also travel along to perform tasks such as beach cleanup, mangrove planting, and environmental education of the locals. On a smaller scale, if some guests, including the media, attend the race, they are asked to bring their own plates, cutlery, and glasses to reduce waste.


Extreme E Motorsports

The team consists of one male and one female driver to promote gender equality and a level playing field for competitors. The team must complete two-course laps during each session (three for Jurassic X-Prix due to the shorter distance), with each team member driving one lap (or two-and-one for Jurassic X-Prix). The driver switch occurs in a specified "switch zone" where a speed limit and a minimum switch time are enforced for safety reasons. The teams will choose which driver goes first to best fit their strategy. The driver order selections are decided privately, with competitors kept in the dark as to other teams' decisions until the last possible second. The Xtreme car racing structure has changed during the course of two seasons. The racing starts on Saturday with one round of qualifying time trial and another of qualifying races. On Sunday, real races with different cars take place to decide the actual winner of the race. Round one of qualifying is a two-lap time trial, while round two is made up of two five-car heat races in which each driver in a team completes one lap. Based on intermediate points, the finishing position in each race counts toward the overall standings from both rounds (10 for the time trial winner down to 1 point for the last-placed team; 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 for the heats). Championship points are awarded based on this final qualifying position. First, fourth, and fifth place teams advance to semi-final 1, second, third, and sixth place teams move to semi-final 2, and teams placing seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth head to the "Crazy Race" based on the qualifying results. The top two teams from each semi-final, together with the Crazy Race champion, advance to the five-car final.

The most intriguing and environmentally friendly car produced for the Extreme racing Series is the Spark Odyssey 21.


Extreme E Race

The Spark Odyssey 21, also known as the ODYSSEY 21, is an Xtreme race car designed by Spark Racing Technology for the Extreme E championship. In August 2018, Formula E announced to run a new "Extreme E '' electric SUV series that would race across difficult terrain and environments like the Himalayas and the Arctic regions. On February 1, 2019, the series revealed that the cars would use technology developed for the Formula E Championship along with the builder of the base XE chassis would be Spark Racing Technology. A clarification was released on April 23, 2019, outlining Spark Racing Technology's participation with Spark building the car's tubular steel frame, crash structure, and roll cage, in addition to the suspension and dampers, braking, and steering system. On July 5, 2019, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Extreme E unveiled the car, revealing its name as the ODYSSEY 21, its crash structure, roll cage, and niobium-reinforced steel alloy tubular frame.

An electric SUV with the designation ODYSSEY 21 makes up the championship fleet. The car's maximum 400kw (550bhp) power can propel the 1780-kilogram, 2.3-meter wide e-SUV from 0 to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds, even at gradients of up to 130%, allowing it to resist the challenging conditions it will encounter.

MANUFACTURERS: Each car has a set of standard parts made by Spark Racing Technology, with a battery built by Williams Advanced Engineering. This includes a niobium-reinforced steel alloy tubular frame, crash structure, and roll cage, while founding partner Continental Tyres make its tyres for the harsh circumstances.

BATTERIES: The batteries are specifically created and developed by Williams Advanced Engineering, incorporating the knowledge and expertise of the people who will be providing the same batteries for Gen3 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, beginning in 2023. The batteries are built to endure the worst climates, environments, and terrains with a maximum power output of 470kW (equivalent to approx. 630bhp). Teams have been provided with identical 54kWh battery packs to be used in the first two seasons of the Extreme Racing Series.

TIRES: The tires have been designed and produced by Extreme E's Founding Partner, Continental. The German tire manufacturer thoroughly studied the specifications of the race series before developing an ultra-high-performance tire tailored to the participating teams' requirements. This performance-optimized tire is designed not only for harsh environments but also for the distinctive features of Extreme E's all-electric SUVs. The ODYSSEY 21's tires are designed to work in all weather conditions, including sweltering heat, bitter cold, muddy, sandy, and snowy surfaces. Each team is allocated one set of tires per race and two used tires from the previous race. Every tire will be equipped with Continental's cutting-edge ContiConnect, a digital tire-monitoring technology ensuring the safety of both driver and car. The system collects, measures, and analyses data such as tire pressure and temperature in real-time and conveys information to the driver via a display in the cockpit.

CHASSIS: The official Niobium Technology Supplier and Chassis Technology Supplier of the Extreme E championship is CBMM | Niobium. Niobium is important to the automobile industry as it produces stronger, lighter, more environmentally friendly, and better energy-efficient cars. The technology and innovations are widely used in various fields, including electronics, safety, emissions reduction, and lightweight, which will contribute to a sustainable sector transformation. The CBMM | Niobium team has a long-standing cooperation with the ABB FIA Formula E Championship that aims to raise awareness of niobium technology and encourage collaborations that will help to explore and advance the expanding possibilities of sustainable mobility.

EXTERIOR: The outer shell of ODYSSEY 21 is constructed from natural flax fibre from Bcomp to make it more environmentally friendly. The two shell products, ampliTexTM, and powerRibsTM are made of natural flax fibres that have a wide range of environmental perks, including a 75% drop in carbon footprint from the cradle to the grave while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

Here is the very exciting Extreme E-news for you all: Extreme E has announced a New Hydrogen Racing Series beginning in 2024. Extreme E, the off-road SUV racing championship, has declared that from 2024 there will be a partner series called Extreme H running alongside its all-electric competition. Extreme H vehicles will have an identical powertrain as the Odyssey 21 EVs of Extreme E; the only difference is that Extreme H will have hydrogen fuel cells as a power source instead of batteries. Announcing Extreme H at the first race in Extreme E Season 2 in Neom, Saudi Arabia, Alejandro Agag, chief executive and founder of Extreme E, said: “Extreme E was designed to be a testbed for innovation and solutions for mobility. It has become increasingly clear to us that creating a hydrogen racing series is a natural evolution of our mission to showcase the possibilities of new technologies in the race to fight climate issues. Sport is the fastest and most effective platform for driving innovation, and by using the existing Extreme E platform we can also utilize our transport, talent, and operations to ensure we are minimizing footprint in the process. This effectively means we can have double the race action, with marginal additional impact.”

Extreme E has established itself as the most environmentally friendly type of auto racing. The sustainability report for Season 1 declared that its carbon footprint is already net zero.

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