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Extreme E announces - RACING FOR ALL Initiative influenced by Lewis Hamilton Commission Report

Extreme E, the newest form of electric off-road racing established to combat the issue of climate change and save the nature we adore by using batteries instead of combustion engines. Spanish billionaire Alejandro Agag proposed this concept to encourage off-road racing in electrified SUVs and protect our environment from the destructive acts of humankind. The extreme e- racing series takes place in far-flung locales of the globe. It brings electric racing to some of the most remote locations on earth, such as ocean islands, deserts, arctic tundra, high altitudes, and rainforests. In the Extreme e-car race, drivers compete in harsh terrains like the Arctic or Saudi Arabia's deserts. The locations of every race are selected to raise awareness of the specific impacts of climate change.

The goal of Extreme E goes beyond simply improving ecological equilibrium. It somewhat evens out the gender gap as well. Each team has a male and a female driver, and every participant is required to compete in every race. Extreme E is a race full of passion and professional drivers with a specific purpose. The Extreme E Racing Series has already done much to promote diversity in racing by introducing a male/female driver lineup for each team. Still, they are also taking actions to increase variety in the series with a project called RACING FOR ALL, which is inspired by the findings of the eponymous Hamilton Commission.

The Hamilton Commission’s report focuses on Accelerating Change. It includes Improving Representation of Black People in UK Motorsport, published last year, and programs such as the FIA’s Girls on Track program. Extreme E is aware of the significant prejudice and opportunity obstacles that exist throughout the motorsport talent pool, from primary school age to those currently in the business. The Extreme E team owner Sir Lewis Hamilton and some of the people behind these initiatives have been collaborating with the series to create an action-based program that will greatly reduce these barriers after identifying an opportunity to make a real impact.

Lewis Hamilton, seven-time Formula 1 champion and a car owner in Extreme E in a release said, “ We know from the findings of The Hamilton Commission that our industry is a tough place to break into, particularly for those from underrepresented backgrounds, which is why it’s so important that the Racing for All program will be creating genuine opportunities for the next generation. He further stated, “When I first discussed the idea of creating a program with Alejandro [Agag] and the Extreme E team, we all agreed that it had to be something which led to real change, and I believe Racing for All does just that. “I’m so excited to see this program adopted across the paddock, and I can’t wait to see what the first group of Racing for All candidates goes on to achieve.”

Extreme E teams are restricted to just five mechanics for engineers; each reduces overall attendance numbers across the Championship. The Racing for All initiative offers an additional place for a sixth person to join each team so they may obtain practical experience. This role is accessible to anyone with professional racing experience of less than one year to allow them to discover what it means to be a member of a professional race team and provide a big step in their professional career in a highly competitive industry.

Racing for All promotes Extreme E's original idea of inspiring positive action as a sport-for-purpose series that aims to expedite cultural and behavioral change. The initiative attempts to eliminate barriers and bring those who may not be able to use this opportunity, with a special focus on women, racial minorities, and people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, who are strongly urged to apply. Extreme E is collaborating with Equal Engineers consultants to teach its teams about inclusive hiring practices to ensure all candidates are welcomed and considered.

Extreme E has been working with its teams, which will ultimately choose and manage their own candidates and integrate them into their team structures with the series' support. The Racing for All team member position is currently available, with most paddock indicating that they are actively initiating their hiring procedures before Season 3.

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E, said: “We are delighted to launch the Racing for All initiative. We are fully supportive of the findings of The Hamilton Commission and are working with our teams to provide a clear path for the brilliant engineers and mechanics of the future, who may not so readily have the opportunities to succeed.

“Our goal is for Racing for All to instill an inclusive mindset and a wider recruitment pipeline which enables the next generation of race mechanics and engineers to reach the highest levels of motorsport, regardless of factors such as race, gender or social, economic status, and reduce the barriers which exist for certain communities.”

Hamilton’s Report titled as Accelerating Change: Improving Representation of Black People in UK Motorsport provided ten recommendations intended to enhance the representation of blacks in UK motorsport directly and will be broadened to cover Extreme E's initiative. The three crucial components that need to be included are motivation/engagement, accountability/measurement, and support/empowerment.

Nico Rosberg, 2016 Formula 1TM World Champion Team Owner of Rosberg X Racing, said: “Extreme E’s commitment to environmental and social matters was the main draw for us to join the series, and I am excited to see another progressive initiative come to fruition, aiming at removing barriers to motorsport. It is a sport that lives from different experiences, backgrounds, views, and skills, so we all benefit from welcoming more diverse talent into our team.”

Jenson Button, 2009 Formula 1TM World Champion and Team Owner of Extreme E Team JBXE, said: “With all my years in motorsport, I've seen first-hand just how vital the push for equality in motorsport and engineering is, so it is encouraging to see Extreme E making this issue such a priority. Everyone, no matter what their gender, race, or background, should be able to get involved, and Racing for All will be a huge step towards making this the norm.”

Extreme E has done much for the racing world by breaking down diversity barriers and encouraging women to participate in motorsports. Hamilton, the owner of the X44 Extreme E team, has stressed female equality in racing as well as climate change. ​Hamilton is a passionate supporter of the Extreme E championship, in which there is one male driver and one female driver per team. Formula E is on a mission to raise awareness and support women in racing by launching the Girls on Track initiative. Through FIA Girls on Track, girls aged 8 to 18 are given a chance to explore career prospects in the women's motorsports industry. The program's goal is to show young girls from all socioeconomic levels that female racing is a welcoming opportunity with various career opportunities that are not limited to men.

By introducing "RACING FOR ALL," the system will improve greatly by eliminating all barriers and restrictions based on gender, caste, or socioeconomic status. So, do your bit by supporting the system and step up to inspire youngsters to pursue their careers in racing by learning about the newest career options. Follow Gititstore on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to get more career updates & all motorsports-related Ev race news & updates.

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